Sometimes you need…

Sometimes we need to look for our happy. Sometimes we don’t see it because our mind junk is too big. But I bet if we were to look around we could find it somewhere?

Something like:

– 3 baby guinea pigs (as long as they don’t bite me)

– a cup of hot tea

– a flower surprise from a friend

– a boy who stole your heart from the moment he was born…but especially when he snuggled up next to you just to talk (or 2 other boys on the phone or in the kitchen…all 3 boys were lovey tonight!)

– a daughter who is your biggest encourager

– a good book

– clean sheets that smell divine

– a soft, fluffy blanket

– a pink chair

– pajamas, always pajamas.

My happy seems to always be nearby…I love it when I just remember to look for it!

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