Weariness and Anxiety

Just as I begin to embrace this newly found freedom, I receive news that pulls me right back into the past. Why won’t you leave me alone?! Why must you attempt to diffuse my joy and hinder my movement forward? Why do you need to control me?

We have been divorced for a few months now; I have embraced life and am becoming comfortable with it.

Go away.

Leave me alone.

I knew the very minute you found out that I was going to stand firm. Your attack was strategic and personal. You know my weakness…no one else would even know how deeply that action would affect me…but you do. After all, I fully trusted you for 25 years.

Please stop harassing me! It is as if you won’t be satisfied until I break and lose control. You continue to provoke me. I know that these attacks are directed to attempt to keep me on edge and in a state of anxiety.

Just. Go. Away.

I am tired and weary…I want to enjoy my life that is supposed to be free now.

Sorry for the whiny post today. I’m so tired, y’all!

P.S. This is one more example of abuse…