I haven’t been to church in almost a year…in fact, I think that I have only been twice since Easter last year.

I miss it. I miss worship. I miss learning. I miss being a part of a community of believers.

But I didn’t miss it for most of the year. That’s a bit odd for someone like me. The Church has been my lifeline for as long as I can remember…in all of the 6 states we’ve lived in and with each and every baby. Throughout the years, The Church has taken care of me time and time again. It makes me sad that the thought of going sends what feels like spears into my heart.

You see, the man that I was married to proposed to me at our church way back when. And then, well. We simply won’t go there. Anyway, church is a painful place for me. It represents both the beginning and the end of my marriage.

The thought of walking through those doors continues to bring me pain. But as with everything else, I am learning how to ease back into life, I am able to face the places that I once treasured. And I believe I will treasure them once again.

But the way, I’m still feeling free…just processing all of the things that seem to give me pause.😊