Joy, Happiness, and Laughter

So that you don’t all think that I’m some kind of blubbering, depressed mess, here are a few things that bring me great joy and laughter… I laugh A LOT…even in the midst of this mess! (Links are for your benefit…a little free promotion for a few of my favorite things.) Also, because my daughter read this before I posted it, I would like to add this disclaimer…this list is not in order from most favorite to least favorite…I do love my children more than I love in-shower body lotion.                                           And. I like lists. Lots and lots of lists. 

1 – Olivia. She arrived at my house this past summer and if you know me at all, you know I love her…what you may not know is that she isn’t mine.

2 – Flowers. Trader Joe’s inexpensive flowers go in the center of my table and bring a smile to my face everytime time I walk by them.

3 – Red Tea Kettle. Because it’s RED and I love tea.

4 – Notebooks. These are my absolute favorite! I don’t know how many I own but I love them all and please don’t ask me to share them…even if I haven’t written in them.

5 – Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion. Waiting for lotion to dry so you can get dressed annoys the hell out of me. You use this lotion while you’re in the shower and once you get out and dry off…Ta-Da! your skin is soft and you don’t have to wait to get dressed! I LOVE IT.

6 – Green Plants. As long as you water them every so often, they don’t die. And they make every room pretty.

7 – 4 little girls and 7 little boys. I didn’t realize how much a person could miss physical touch. The little ones that I get to be with 5 days a week just fall on top of me and allow their unfiltered love to fill up my soul.

8 – Cathryn. My very own personal gift from God. God knew I needed extra laughter and she fills my heart with joy at work every single day.

9 – Lyn and Adey. My most precious friends in the world. One of them checks on me almost daily. They pray for me. They sweep up my dust and put me back on the potter’s wheel when I’ve been completely shattered. They love me even when I’m crazy.

10 – My family: both near and far. My Ethan and his ever-growing curiosity. My Nathan and his protective nature. My Anna Claire and the joy that comes from her core. My Jeremy and his ability to keep me moving forward in my faith. My extended family who just love me for being me.

Groton – April 2018 – Jeremy’s Homecoming

As you see, I have emotions ranging from one extreme to the other. Deep within my soul, I know without a doubt that life is good and there is joy to be found if you just open your eyes.

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